Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So we (Jenny, her parents and I and her son, Glinden) were sitting on the couch when out of the blue Glinden says with great earnestness, “if my eyeballs were arms I would have four arms.”

I opened with that because I really don't have much to write about bike-wise. This isn't the case because I haven't been riding – I rode for 3:30 last Thursday then again Monday for the better part of four hours. By the way, I was going to a wedding in the days in between, so I'm not a total bike slacker. And anyway, Arrowhead is still the better part of three months away and I don't feel like it's going to benefit me much to get all psycho about adhering to a strict training schedule at this point anyway.

I have been out riding a fair amount lately and I was tempted to purposely do something crazy just so I could entertain you with it but 1) that seems a little desperate and 2) if I ride enough odds are that at some point I'll have an overwhelming desire to stop and eat moose shit.

The riding has been going OK though. John (Jenny's dad [Jenny is my girlfriend]) and I were out riding around quite a bit and covered some new territory and just generally were out exploring on our bikes - which is just about the most fun thing you can do on a bike. At one point we even did some off-trail riding through a pine plantation. Only studs do this. And it reminds me of a video that I saw once on Jill Homer's blog. See the blog here or just the video here. This video makes me want snow bike almost more than I can stand...and it reminds me of the time last winter when my nephews and I were riding at the golf course. It had been thawing during the day and then freezing at night and there was still snow left on the ground so there would be a frozen crust on top. Because of this crust you could ride almost anywhere (kinda like the video) and so we were doing just that - and having a blast doing it. We hadn't been riding too long when a guy came out of the golf course clubhouse and told us to get off because we were, "tearing up the sod." We got off but it makes me mad still when I think about it. Here we were riding on top of 6" of snow above ground that was frozen still and we were on BICYCLES for crying out loud. And the golf course is used all the time my cross country skiers and snowshoers. He may as well have said, "Get off the golf course because I am dumb and have some weird unsubstantiated bias against bikers and just want to wield the power vested in me by the Lancaster Municipal Golf Course." Which, come to think of it probably would have been hard for him to say in one breath because his uh...extra flesh belied that he probably doesn't take time to do such silly things as partake in healthful aerobic exercise.

Oh, and since my idea of self worth relies wholly on the number of pageviews this blog gets - and want desperately to entertain you, dear reader, I'll tell you a story: I was riding along a road once and a dog came out and started chasing us (I was with my brother). Well it was off the side of the road and running and was looking at us bikers and not where it was going and...well it reminds of this video.

This is a picture taken by me the morning after a freeze-thaw cycle and I could ride virtually anywhere.

My nephews out riding on the golf course

this really has nothing to do with riding but I just thought the color of these pants was funny. Kinda like the urine of an extremely dehydrated person who has had nothing to eat other than asparagus for the last week.

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