Sunday, February 13, 2011


Believe it or not the race actually was fun. I can say that easily now that it's over.

But no, joking aside it really was a good time...especially the first half (most of the second half was 3rd dregree fun). I'm glad it's over though. Maybe it's kinda like brushing your teeth: it really isn't that much fun while it's happening but you're better for it afterwards. Well I suppose this metaphor would be better if tooth brushing lasted a minimum of 16 hours and was done at -35.

The majority public opinion about us Arrowhead participants is that we're crazy. And why in the hell would we do this? Not really an easy question to answer. Most of us have probably been asked why we do this and have developed short answers that seem to satisfy most people enough. Mine is “Yes I wholeheartedly agree that I'm crazy. I have no idea why I do it.” This seems to get people to stop asking questions...maybe out of pity.

And I remember the answer that I read that someone who was moving to Alaska said they were asked "why move to Alaska?" and replied "If you have to ask the question you wouldn't understand the answer." Which seemed, at the age I read it - somewhere around 20 - to be cool and make sense. But the more I think about it it just seems like a way of saying, "I don't know and I'm going to make you feel bad for asking a question that I don't know the answer to." Of course, this isn't always the case, maybe you do indeed have a solid reason to move, and maybe they indeed wouldn't understand your answer. I'm just saying that I don't have a quick answer for why, and don't want to pretend like I do. In fact the more I think about it the less sure that I have any logical reason. Well I can think of one: to face my inherent fear of yetis. I think, like the seven year old who likes candy, that, for something like this, I don't really need much reason besides that I want to.

Arrowhead 2012? Dunno. I told John that I would do it with him wearing a viking helmet if he does it. He now has me worried that he actually will. I told Ann that I'll be wearing a full viking suit if she does it. I must say that I'm not so worried about that. (ha ha Ann, just trying to get your goat) And Jenny is thinking of doing it, and my brother has said he will if Jenny will. Ha! wouldn't that be a sight? A rough tough two-time Arrowhead finisher riding along in a viking suit and four other people? Sounds like the makings of a good joke. Send comments of encouragement to this blog (they'll get them as they all read this).

Well that pretty much wraps up my coverage of the 2011 Arrowhead 135. If I do it again in the viking suit - and since the viking suit alone won't look ridiculous enough - I'll have to consider one of these things:

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  1. Great blog man. I love reading these things. You should consider compiling it all into a book of some sort. I'd buy it.