Thursday, February 3, 2011

post arrowhead

In an ironic twist I titled the last post T-35 (as in I posted it about 35 hours before the start) but little did I know that on my night out on the trail it would drop to -35 and I got left for dead out there on the trail.

I had fun at the race and John and Ann (Jenny's [my girlfriend] 'rents) came and took pictures so I'll have a nice long (warning: it'll be potentially gross if you are queasy hearing about snot-cicles) descriptive post with lots of pictures up fairly soon.

I finished the race in 24th place 33:30 hours after I started. The winner did it in less than 16 hours. I suck.

Just kidding.

For now contemplate this picture of me taken the day before the start:


  1. I think a beard would have been nice. Next time gotta grow the beard.

  2. Well, at least we know you have survived. That's something. Good on you, as they say (but who the hell are they?) Can't wait to read the write up on the race. 33 hours? Whoa.