Saturday, January 29, 2011


Whoa.  It's quickly sinking in that I am actually going to do this (Arrowhead).  I guess I can't eliminate all anxiety about the race.  Deep cold.  Deep snow.  Starvation.  And I'm very worried about Yetis on the course.  

The first time I rode 135 miles was in the '09 version of Arrowhead.  And the second time I will attempt to ride this far will start Monday morning.  Strange how I will ride this long in the winter but not really even think seriously about a ride that long in the summer.  

And I will only quit if I run out of beer as these snowmobilers seem to have done:

And if I run short of cash I can stop and set up something like this:

It's less than 36 hours to start as I type this.  I'm a little anxious...but mostly just want to get the race going already.

If you are so inclined you can follow along with the race as it's happening here by clicking the link and going to "RESULTS" over on the right hand side.  Keep in mind that the times they will be posting are only from the three checkpoints and the race is 135 miles you won't be able to keep close tabs on me or anyone else for that matter.  

Maybe I'll have time tomorrow to put a post up on here.  But if not then I'll resume posting after the race is over.  Whether or not my race will end at the finish or before is up in the air but I will think positive and say that my suffering won't end until I cross the finish line at Fortune Bay Casino.  

By the way, isn't "Fortune Bay" an incredibly tacky name for a casino?


  1. I left you a voicemail today. Check your phone if you get a chance. If not, KICK SOME ASS out there on the trail. You're going to blow that course away with your new Pugsley and sexy legs.

  2. Good luck! hope everything goes well on the race. Marion ( & Sam)

  3. It's all in the sexy legs... we'll be rootin' for you at the crossings... and fending off Yetis.

  4. May your Yeti inspired adrenalin and sexy legs rocket you over the lovely snow encrusted, magical sparkling beauty of Pugsley packed pathways to certain fame, acclaim, and yes even fortune as you arrive at Fortune Bay. And hopefully your family can look up from the slots long enough to flash you a thumbs up over their shoulders as you enter in frozen snot encrusted glory. Meanwhile, I'll be moaning about the inconvenience of anticipating a foot of snow interfering with my commute to my cubicle.