Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowed In

Yesterday I put off my ride in order to be there when Glinden got off the bus. That little snot made me postpone my ride. Obviously I can't stand the kid - evidence of this can be seen in this picture:

So I took off at about 4 on a ride. Trail conditions were decent - not great but definitely not bad. Last night I was reminded how much I enjoy riding on small, twisty, intimate trails. The picture below shows a typical part of the trail I was riding on.

This one shows the same trail from a couple of days back.

I was out there well past dark and made it about about 15 miles down the trail and then turned around and rode those same 15 back. 30 miles in 7 hours? Just over 4 miles an hour? I was thinking that I was in good shape and that training had been going fairly well. But maybe it's not. Well I am fairly adept at living in denial and I will be doing just that for the next three weeks.

And as the new owner of a Surly Pugsley which is a bike that can go where other bikes may not be able, I fully intend to do stuff like this (if I can figure out how to put a motor on it). I still have a single speed bike to ride in the summer and pose myself as cool and attract any number of ladies.

Well as I look out the window of the coffee shop where I am (our internet connection at home is still pathetic) I see that it's snowing rather hard. I like winter and all, and snow is something I like a bunch. But I prefer to be at our house and snowed in rather than at the coffee shop. (I probably won't get stuck anywhere. After all I have 4 wheel drive. So I'd better wrap this up so I can get home. I can always ride into town. Bikes are much more reliable than cars, they start every time.

I'll leave you with this picture.

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