Monday, January 3, 2011

Acorns and axes

As the saying goes “the acorn don't fall far from the tree.” Well here's my excuse for eating shit-like substances in another post - I have a father who does stuff like this:

Now to add to the things I do that are weird: Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Speaking of weird things I've been driving by this hotel outside of Ashland that is on the way to our house west of town.

As I've mentioned previously I was the recipient of a Surly Pugsley for a Christmas present. When I got it it came with gears. Since I am lazy (and wanted to ride the thing ASAP) I didn't bother taking the gears off of it. After riding it I quickly realized that it would be foolish to un-gear the thing. So despite what this picture cation says I think that I'll leave the gears on:

And since I now have no hope of keeping the girlfriend I have – and once I lose her I'll never attract another then I might as well post this:

And I might as well become a Catholic priest and go around saying: “Mawwiage is whot brings us togevor today”

Yesterday I went for a ride that was a bit on the short side – only three hours. Because I knew when I started that it was going to be on the short side I went a little harder than I usually would have. Because I went harder I got hot and sweated more than usual – so about 45 mins into the ride I stopped to take my bulky wool sweater off. I really didn't have a good place to put the sweater so I stuffed it in the front pocket of my windbreaker. It was bulky and a little awkward and it looked like I had a huge beergut (I tried to find a funny beergut video on Youtube but they were all kinda gross and disturbing but I did remember this video that I saw a few months back) but it worked fine. I was expecting the ride to take me around four hours and I was nearly to my parents' house and I had only been riding 2:45 and was pumped to get it done so fast and stood to climb a short hill when the sweater fell out of my pocket and went directly into my gears and was immediately wrapped up in my derailleur.

A no-chain setup like this one would have prevented the sweater/chain jamming. It also would have prevented almost any forward progress – except for downhills where my experimental gravity-drive system works.

When my brother and I were both at home we ("he" mostly since the video camera and all the editing equipment were his) made a ridiculous video of me riding my Pugsley in the snow. Here it is for your viewing pleasure

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