Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Real Thing is Actually Gross

Pugsley or no Puglsey riding in the rain when it's 33 degrees is no fun. While I have no first-hand experience in pulling a sailboat while swimming I'm thinking that it may rate similar on the Fun-o-meter. Actually that's not true - riding in the rain (which was more of a light mist, to tell the truth) on a Pugsley is less un-fun than a skinny-tired bike. The trails were a little mushy/punchy and there is no question that if I had been on a regular bike it would have been a looonnggg 5 hours as I would have been pushing virtually the whole time.

To get back to the swimming with a sailboat:

A couple of days ago I went for a good fairly lengthy ride on snowmobile trails near Jenny's parents' place. It was the first time I had had the Pugsley out on longer ride. OK so the ride was only five hours which, if I'm lucky, will get me to the first checkpoint in Arrowhead which is about a quarter of the way into the race. The new bike is awesome!!! So awesome in fact that I felt a need to end that last sentence with no less than three exclamation points!!!

Speaking of the checkpoints in Arrowhead makes me think of how the race is going to go. I was reading one account to Arrowhead and the competitor said something about starting slow and getting slower. While in reality this is probably what will happen I kinda hope that things go better. “Better” as in “faster.”

As seems to be some sort of tradition I plan on eating a nice healthy, fat-filled omelette such as this:

at the Chocolate Moose where I've eaten on a couple of other occasions:

Then head over to the start line:

where maybe I can get Lance Andre to strike a Heisman pose for me.

I mentioned eating at the Chocolate Moose for breakfast before the race and I also mentioned that I had eaten there before. I ate there before the race in '09 (when I did the race) and last year also (when I spectated). So I knew it was there. And so when I took a canoe trip this September I had the other guys stop and eat there. And it turns out that Jenny knows the place too.

Before the canoe trip is where I saw the "Destroyer" picture above. And I also saw this:

Haagen-Dazs' ad directly targeting people who have lost their teeth and just had semi-circular sheet metal installed in their gums.

and this:

There are many dumb things with this ad but one stuck out: in the small blurry writing in the picture it says "Tickle her fancy with the real thing." That is actually kind of a disgusting thing to claim considering what a "french tickler" is

And speaking of the nether regions reminds me of this. I'll leave you with that for today - it really has nothing to do with biking but I just thought it was funny.

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