Friday, December 3, 2010

Roland Emmerich

OK so I tried to write a blog Wednesday and completely failed. Not “failed” as in “didn't get anything written” but as in “what I wrote sucked so much (and judging by the average quality of the crap I post this must mean it was really bad. If what I had written yesterday were a movie it would be Battlefield Earth) that I chose not to post it.”

What the post would have been was me descibing a short ride I did, whining about how it was short, whining about having to push my bike, whining about the weather, whining about being lazy, and whining about the state of health care in the U.S., and telling you about the calculator I've had since high school.

Well the weather was indeed kinda grey yesterday, and I could whine about how I didn't get any good pictures. In fact I think I will whine...or at least mope and write a shitty blog entry (this is not hard for me).

Well remember how I said that part of the reason that I had been not blog-orific lately was because I had been watching Harry Potter? I try to tell the truth and that was the truth and I was trying to mask it behind a veneer of ridiculousness. Truth is stanger than fiction and all that. You win some and you lose some so now that I have confessed to actually watching Harry Potter (hey, my girlfriend's son is 7, and they're better by far than some crap like Pee Wee's Playhouse or pretty much anything that has come from Roland Emmerich) I can honestly say I've been spending my time doing important grown-up things, things that if they weren't done would cause conditions on earth to be like they were in The Day After Tomorrow or updating my Netflix queue.

One good thing I did do was calculate the average speeds one needs to maintain to tie with the course record in Arrowhead (which, if you're on a bike, is 15 hours 45 mins. 135 divided by 15.75 = 8.6 mph. To do a 24 hour time you need to average 5.6 mph. I then calculated my own average speed when I did the race in 09. It took me almost 40 hours for an average speed of 3.4 mph. This depressed me and immediately put me in a state of denial, whiny justification - in an attempt to pass off my suckiness as bad luck - and prayer

And to illustrate how blah my blog almost-entry yesterday really was, I did manage to take this picture – which is the most impressive picture I took out there. Sad isn't it?

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  1. SO sad. You should be ashamed of yourself. And a 3.4 mph average? It's time you invested in an iPod to take w/ you on your ultra-distance biking treks to blast playlists including artists such as Styx, Poison, and Megadeath. No 3.4 average has ever been recorded when the athlete in question was listening to Styx.