Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'm trying to justify not riding much in the last week as using this as an R&R week. But that wouldn't be totally true as I'm spending the next two weeks with family and could have used the time off to hang out with them more. I think the truth is more that I'm just a slacker and as such I don't always want to ride my bike for 6 hours in the cold.

And as most slackers I have worked hard at not working. For example I built something much like this to save myself time mowing the lawn:

Actually as a true slacker I simply don't mow the lawn.

It has been brought to my attention that Vosges Chocolate offers a bacon/chocolate bar. Now, I have no inherant problem with that flavor. If you like it that fine with me. What my beef is is with the picture of the creator of this bar - and her little chocolate-based autobiography on the back of the bar. Here is a picture of her:

In the little autobiography on the back of the bar she confesses to being "obsessed" with both bacon and chocolate. Really? I would think that someone truly obsessed with both bacon and chocolate couldn't really go for a long time without eating some. I don't mean to be superficial but I would think that someone truly obsessed with bacon and chocolate would look more like this.

Speaking of obsessed I happened across this video in which the star tells how to pick out a laptop for your dog and seems to be obsessed with with several things, computer and idiocy being two.
And he reminds me of the creepy MC of the pageant in Little Miss Sunsine.

But to get back to yesterdays ride: it was about 5 hours long and at about hour 3.5 I ran across this gate:

I'm guessing the person responsible for locking this gate is totally badass...or else is related to this dentist.

Here is a pictures of me being totally badass (I think that the slippers help):

I was looking at youtube just now looking for funny videos to post on this blog and came across this which reminded me of this video that I put up on here a few posts back. It really has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it was funny.

Now back to Arrowhead. It's generally a race done by yourself with almost no fanfare through out or even at the finish line. Or at least that's what it was like when I did it before in '09. This year there are more than twice as many starters and I'm expecting the finish to be like a mountain-top finish in the Tour de France.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go knit something for my cat

(Another thing I found in the ridiculous knitting book I was looking at in the craft show awhile back. I put a few of the pictures I found on the last post)

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