Thursday, December 16, 2010


Last night I went for the first (and - barring mishap - not last) bike ride that was almost totally moonlit. Except for fast downhills and when I was being passed by cars I had the light shut off.

I must admit that I've been doing almost all my riding lately on plowed roads. See, the snowmobile trails aren't hard enough for my skinny bike and the snow is deep enough that trucks aren't out driving on unplowed roads anymore. Frankly this is a little boring and I intend to ride the snowmobile trails as soon as they are rideable (they would be right now if I had a Pugsley or some kind of antigravity device.)

The only picture I've got is this one:

This I managed to snap just as I finished my ride a couple of night ago

And this one was taken of me at 3D (triple D) after I got to Dyersville (mostly on foot which probably explains the slightly dazed look)

Speaking of dazed I've always thought this picture of me taken after I finished Arrowhead in '09 embodies that adjective:

It actually doesn't show up too well in this picture, but one of my eyes is open wider, I'm smiling out of the side of my face, and if you look closely you can see the red on my face from the cold.

Another example of dazed and confused. This is my nephew and I had given him the remote to my camera and he was a bit confused how it worked but still managed to get this picture of himself.

Just for fun I Googled "dazed and confused" and got this. I must say I'm a little confused by the title of the magazine unless they are referring to the cover models being dazed and confused and so just put on whatever is laying around for the photo shoot.

And now that I'm off and running talking about fashionable stuff: the other weekend at the craft show I typed about in the "Macho Man" post and was basically bored out of my head and started looking through a book Not Your Mama's Crochet (or something like that) and stumbled across this:

I can't believe my mom made me model for this stupid book. At least her Daisy Chain Neck Warmer is tightly knit and keeping any drafts away from her neck.

And I came across this picture of the amazing purse that doubles as an MRE (by the way, notice the narrator's name at the end):

I'll leave you today with a picture of me impersonating Gollum (from Lord of the Rings) doing carpentery

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