Friday, December 24, 2010

There and back again

The day before yesterday I went for a little ride from here to there with a little foray in between when I thought I was going north but was really going south. (Hey it was overcast cut me some slack). So I got there a little late and had to eat soup and bread all by myself. And I had a headwind. And it was cold. And my mommy wasn't there. And I can't beat Ed at Perplexus.

Speaking of cold I happened across this flyer the other day:

I have never heard of the quality of service being judged by temperature before though I may be missing some sort of deeper meaning. They seem pretty excited by it though. Being excited by small stuff reminds me of this picture I took of Glinden at his request. He was pumped to find the toilet during a camping trip we were on.

But while I can complain about bike rides and Perplexus I realized after I saw this video that, according to this commercial, I can't complain about the strength of Bounty P.T.

Another thing I can't complain about is how the last year has gone. It's been pretty great. Especially meeting Jenny and her fam. If you need proof of how well it's going between her and I then here it is:

Back to bike riding I got precisely one picture during my bike ride the day before last. It had been raining on me a bit (yeah, I was complaining about the cold...and it wasn't really very cold) and it froze on me and so I snapped off this picture hoping that I would look all tough and icy kinda like this or this (I especially enjoyed his claim of the suit being night proof. No darkness when you're in this suit! It is worth noting that this suit is brought to you by Troy Hurtubise who made the bear suit that he tested by jumping down a hill and getting hit by swinging logs and I've linked to before and will again here)

In the spirit of the season in which we celebrate the birth of Christ (or just celebrate life) I thought I'd throw into the hat my halloween costume from a few years back just before I cut off my hair:

I hope you've learned by now that I don't want to be taken all that seriously

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