Friday, January 7, 2011

trail conditions

Well I haven't been biking all that much in the last several days so I'll have to really stretch to tie this in to Arrowhead:

I may have a moose encounter out on the trail. Despite the fact that I have only even seen a moose once as I was out biking (and that one was running the other way) and that – to my knowledge – nobody has had any sort of moose encounter on the trail.

I did go for a short ride yesterday, it was less than an hour and Jenny went with me. She doesn't have a snowbike and I don't really think that it mattered much yesterday as the trails were packed pretty hard. Maybe not quite as hard as Arrowhead last year but she wasn't at much of a disadvantage. Here's a picture of the Arrowhead trails last year fairly near the start:

The trail was so hard last year that you had to look closely to even see bike tracks.

Contrast this with the year before last where the it had snowed 3 inches the night the start and it looked like this: (photo by Mike Curiak and it was actually taken during the race)

I don't point out the difference in trail conditions (and I have to include this one too since the first video reminded me of it) to complain. I'm just trying to make a point kinda like Hope springs eternal or something like that. Which kinda makes me look like a dolt since I have entered myself in four snowbike races in the past (the shortest of which was the one I quit at 40 miles in after pushing my bike for about 30 of those miles) and am actually looking forward to this one. Why should - after a 100% of the snowbike races I have been in have sucked - I be so optimistic? Remember that picture I put up of myself on last post? There's your answer.

Or maybe this one of me watching the campfire by headlamp-light:

I am kinda a dumb-shit.

And now for something completely different I'll put this video up. And then put this picture up here:

And to keep things bike related here's something

All parents get frustrated with their kids. But if you're a parent deal with this frustration maturely by simply removing the child from the situation:

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